Feza International School – Kindergarten has first opened its doors August of academic year 2018-2019 following the requests from parents who recognized the need for a preschool with international curriculum. Since then FIS-KG has grown into a small but vibrant community of students, teachers, and parents working together to make early childhood education fun, meaningful, and holistic.

Teaching and Learning Experiences

Our dedicated and passionate Early Years teachers provide high-quality learning experiences for our children. We care and nurture each child as an individual and equip their minds, engage them, and empower them to believe in themselves and what they can achieve. Our teachers are keen to improve themselves in their profession through our regular in-house professional development opportunities.

The International setting of the school allows our students to share their own cultural traditions with the class whilst celebrating festivities from around the world. We encourage tolerance, respect, and admiration for different cultures. Our academic program also provides opportunities to discover and understand cultures of the world.

We base our Early Years Program on the principles that:

• children are individuals and they come to school with a wealth of experiences, language, understanding and ideas;

• children learn best when they are actively involved in meaningful experiences and can make their own choices and act upon them;

• children have individual needs and require flexibility within the school routine to express them.

The wellbeing and educating the whole child is the top priority of our kindergarten. There is also a strong focus on early literacy and numeracy skills that will prepare learners to progress to Key Stage One of the Cambridge Curriculum.

At FIS-KG, we recognize the important role parents have to play in their child’s education. Thus, we encourage our parents to take an active role in their child’s learning journey, provide opportunities for parental participation in school activities, and update the parents of the learning experiences at school. We work on building a strong school-home link amongst our community members.