Mr. Ahmet and Mrs. Yasemin Gultekin

“It’s a great pleasure seeing our beloved son Enes Bera willingly prepares himself and happily goes to school. When he comes home he is eager to do his homework and even pushes us to help him do his research homework. If he fails to complete his homework his eyes get wet, not because of  fear but to the feeling of disappointing his beloved teacher Ms. Belle. His weekend homework like participating in household chores, preparing his bag, cleaning his room is really good for a child to establish the sense of responsibility. We have seen great improvement in his social skills and academic skills like counting and reading. We would like to thank specially  Ms. Belle for providing a perfect education to our kids where they learn love, compassion, respect, peace, and tolerance in a friendly and joyous atmosphere. We would like to thank and appreciate Feza International Kindergarten teachers and assistant as well as the administration for doing a great job with our kids.

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